Q: What time does the event start and finish?

A: Gates in Melbourne will open at 3pm and the event will close at 10pm

Gates in Sydney will open at 3pm and the event will close at 11pm. 

Please note gates will not open prior to the advertised time.

Q: Are there any age restrictions at Jumanji Festival?

A: Yes. You must be fifteen years or older to be admitted into the Jumanji Festival. Permission from a parent or guardian will not be permitted if you are under the age of fifteen.

Q: Will your kids need to bring ID?

A: Yes. If they are over 18 and would like to enter the licensed area, a valid Australian driver's license, valid passport or Government approved ID card containing a photograph and date of birth is required. Kids under the age of 18 do not need to bring ID


Q: How can I buy tickets to Jumanji Festival?
A: Tickets are on sale NOW via:

Q: Are VIP tickets available for underage patrons
A: NO! Unfortunately your kids will need to wait until they are of age to attend the VIP experience. 

Q: Is there a place I can drop off and pick up my kids close to the event?
A: Yes both Melbourne and Sydney have dedicated drop off and pick up zones at both events please see corresponding maps identifying locations

Please see the MAP page here

Q : Is there licenced security at the Jumanji Festival?

A: Yes there will be large deployment of professional licenced security guards attending the event to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones.


Q: Are there Security checks for alcohol and drugs prior to entry into the grounds.

A: There is a rigorous entry process to ensure no prohibited items such as alcohol and illegal substances enter the event sites, please see Prohibited item link for more detail

Please see Prohibited Items here


Q: Will there be first aid at the event?

A: There are professional first aid and ambulance services engaged for both events to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your prides of joy.

Q: How do you stop my kids from entering the licenced area?

A: The licenced area will be separated by a double line moated fence line and will be monitored by licenced security personal.


All patrons attending the event will be wristbanded upon entry, any patron older than 18 will need to present ID to secure an overage wristband. 

Any patron below the age of 18 will be issued a different colour wristband to properly identify them as ineligible to enter the licenced area. 


Q: Are there food and beverage offerings available to underage patrons?

A: Yes, There are dedicated food and non-alcoholic beverage offerings available in the underage area.  


Q: Are there toilets available to underage patrons?

A: There are dedicated toilets available to the underage patron area.


Q: Is there a contact number a concerned parent can use on the event operating days?

A: There is an event hotline for both the Melbourne & Sydney events that will be monitored and available on event days only they are as follows:

Melbourne Jumanji Hotline: 03 9258 4100‬

Sydney Jumanji Hotline: 0491 083 617